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Fine Art Composites

Fine art composites are just that....a work of art incorporating a photograph and digital images to create a masterpiece featuring your adorable kids! From mermaids to sailing to fighting monsters and more....we can create a magical bit of whimsy that your child will adore and you will love looking back on when they are all grown up :)

How does this work?

I start with a simple photo as a base and use photoshop manipulation to create a custom piece of art!


* Composite added onto a scheduled session - Starting at $25 depending on the complexity of the image    

* Composite created from an image you provide- Starting at $50 depending on the complexity of the image

Pricing include the printing rights to the image.  For composites created using pictures you provide- they must be pictures you have personally taken or if taken by another professional you must have written permission to edit the photo. Photos should also be high resolution for best results.

Fine art composites do not always have to be fantasy related... Sometimes the background we want for an image is not available and we  make it happen in photoshop! 

On the other hand...we can transform a simple photo into a fantastical work of imaginative art!

We can even make a book starring your little one!

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